Why your business isn’t moving – and how to fix it

Imagine this. You’ve just opened up a nice store with some great products. You got your sign out there and put in a small advertisement in the local newspaper. You even got a friend to design a website for you. You were sure the clients would run down the doors.

But the sales just aren’t there.


There are three main reasons why people take their business elsewhere.


You’re not offering what people are after

For someone to buy something, they would need to need it. Even more important, they would need to want it.

Try to sell a product to someone who doesn’t want it. No matter how much you push, the person won’t buy it. They may think it looks nice, and they may even need a product like that, but if they don’t want it, no matter how much you push, you will never make them buy it.

The solution is simple – offer something people wants.

To find out what that is, you would need to do an analysis. There’s no need to make it complicated though. Talking to people fitting the description of your perfect client would give you loads of information.

Another tip is to pay attention to what’s sold in successful businesses catering to the same clients as you are. I’m not saying you should copy them blatantly, but let yourself be inspired. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.


No one knows you exist

So your products are great. The people you talked to love them. It’s perfect for the group of clients you decided to work with. Still no one is buying. Your store gets no traffic, and neither does your website.

People doesn’t know you exist.

It’s a jungle out there, and the ants are not seen for the elephants. The big behemoths of business have such established brands that the smaller businesses have to work ever the harder to get their names out there.

You want people to know you are there. How to do it depends on your field of business. Pay per click campaigns can greatly increase the visits to your site if you do it right. Big ads in the newspapers gets you a lot of attention if you have the budget for it.

But the best way of getting attention to your business in the beginning is by going out there and actually talk to people. Hand out fliers in your local area or business cards at trade fairs. Let your future clients see the face behind the business.

And remember to smile.


People aren’t buying

You’re looking at a website, you’re all fired up about a product. The price is good, the specifications seems all right. You’re about to click buy…

Then you close the page without buying anything.

Sounds familiar?

It’s because of insecurity. Something on the site failed to remove your insecurity.

It could be you’re thinking you can find the product cheaper somewhere else. Maybe you wonder if you’ll get your money’s worth. Or it might be you don’t trust the place, and are afraid of getting scammed. Or perhaps you just thought you’ll finish the transaction later.

If you have great products, good traffic, but still make few sales, this might be your problem.

That’s right. Your problem. Not your client’s. Yours.


You need to remove the insecurities and instill a sense of urgency with your visitors. Primarily there are two things you need to do, and when you look around, you’ll see them done everywhere.


Remove insecurities

Make a strong guarantee and stick to it. It could be so simple as promising never to share your client’s mail address with anyone, or you could go all out and offer 90 days of money back guarantee. The stronger the better. You might get scammed a couple of times, and most likely will. But the additional sales will make up for it.

Also think about using modules from well known and trusted payment providers, such as Pay Pal to make your clients feel safer leaving their credit cards numbers.

Create a sense of urgency

Because human nature is prone to procrastinate, you need to set limits. Limited offers are so popular for one reason. They work. That’s why the big retail chains have weekly or monthly offers. That’s why the first X people to buy Y eCourse gets discounts. That’s why there’s a super special price today only.

Whatever your product or service is, make regular promotions and limit them. If you haven’t done so already, you will be sure to see a spike in your business – granted that you have already put the other steps into practice.

Am I wrong? What do you think?

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