Marketing lessons from a coffee place

As any decent B-person, I consume high amounts of coffee in the morning.

Luckily there are a bunch of cafes close to where I work. Even so, I always go to the same one. Every morning.

It’s not the one with the tastiest coffee (although it’s pretty good). It’s not the one with the nicest atmosphere (although it’s all right). Neither is it the one with the lowest prices (although they’re not expensive either). The service is not the fastest, but neither the slowest around.

Why then do I always end up at the same place?

Because the employees at this place make me feel like I matter to them. They remember what I order. They appear genuinely interested in their clients. And they always smile.

It’s the place that has managed to establish a human connection with me.

If you can manage to do the same in your business, establish that connection with your clients, they will keep coming back.

Not only that, but they will bring their friends as well.

How can you achieve that?


Remember that clients are people

Your clients are not only clients. They are people. Real human beings with hopes and dreams. Families and friends. Likes and dislikes.

Marketeers all over do what they can to make you think of your clients as a big grey mass. They aren’t. They might have similar interests and characteristics, but they are all individuals.

Remember that, and your clients will love you for it.


Treat them like you would a friend

You choose your friends. And your friends choose you. Much of that is based on feelings, but in the end it cooks down to benefits.

People want to be friends with someone who makes them feel good, and someone who can help them in the future, however cynical that may sound.

People like to feel important. Why? Because it makes them feel good.

Treat people like you would a friend, and you will establish a friendship with your clients, something promoting loyalty, and in turn increasing your long time benefits.

How to do that?

Give your clients your undivided attention when talking to them (although telling new people entering you’ll be with them in a minute is all right, try to avoid hopping from client to client), try to remember them (or at least pretend to), listen to needs and complaints, and in general show the client that you care about them.

The effect this has is overwhelming. After all, your clients are your most important marketing tool.



The staff at my local cafe always smiles. They smile when I enter, they smile when they take my order, they smile when they charge me and they smile when they wave goodbye.

That’s the main reason why I personally like going there. Because the staff is friendly, and makes their clients feel good.

It’s hard not to like someone that’s friendly towards you, which is why this point is very important whenever you are dealing directly with a client. The reason? If your client likes you, it’s all the more difficult to go over to your competitor.

In any business, and even more so for someone in the service industry, establishing a strong relationship strongly increases the possibility of their staying loyal to you, which makes this the single most important thing you can do.


Because it doesn’t cost anything. You would have to deal with clients anyway, so doing so in a way that makes them feel special, doesn’t cost you anything (at least not monetary).

To sum up: your clients are your friends, make them feel like you are theirs as well. Make them feel the love, and they might just come back (hopefully with their friends).

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