Marketing basics – Move or Melt

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Movement, adaptation, innovation, action.

The snowball effect.

Back when I was a kid, one of my favorite pastimes was making stuff from snow. Whether a snowman, snow fortress or anything else, the process was always the same.

Start packing the snow together by hand, put it on the ground and start rolling.

The more the ball rolled, the bigger it grew.

Stop rolling though… Best case scenario, if the weather was cold enough, it would stay the same size. A little bit of wind and sun however, and the ball quickly shrunk.

What in the world does this have to do with marketing?


Movement creates growth

Any market is constantly shifting. The products that were all the rage a few years back are now used for nothing more than collecting dust. (Tape, VHS and CRT screens anyone?)

The more globalized we become, the faster trends change. For some markets more than others. Fashion, technology and anything IT-related may be the worst. (The mobile phone I got for free with the subscription today is more powerful than the computer I bought for two months’ salary 5 years ago.)

The companies that are making money in these markets are the ones adapting to the requirements of their clients.

We’re not talking about necessarily having the most innovative products either, but strategies that make business sense.

How to do that?


Be a smart company

Smart companies innovate, analyze and adapt to the trends of the market.

Smart companies are always looking to improve, to change, to be where the clients are.

Smart companies move.

The companies that stand still lose out on a lot of business – simply because they fail to adapt to an ever changing market. They melt.


How to be a smart company

It can be summed up in two words: Analyze and Adapt.

People’s buying patterns vary greatly depending on a bunch of factors, among them the economical climate, fashion, image etc.

The factors affecting your clients depend on who your clients are. In any case, find out what they are. Find out, watch them carefully, analyze and adapt.

Don’t melt. Move.

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