How to increase brand loyalty with a unique brand story

You’ve heard it all before – in order to increase revenue and decrease acquisition costs, you will need to increase brand loyalty.

Simple. And yet… easier said than done.

What do you have to do in order to increase your clients’ loyalty to your brand? Or in other words, how can you make your clients see your brand as a friend?


Make the client your friend

A friend is someone you know. Someone you share history with. Someone you like. Someone you care about.

That’s what you’re aiming for. When your clients feel that way about you, you’re right where you should be.

Some companies are great at this. That’s why some people will only drink Coca Cola, and others won’t touch anything but Pepsi. They feel a connection with the brand, and wouldn’t want to betray someone they consider a friend (or close thereto). That’s human nature.


Stand out from the crowd

What makes Coca Cola and Pepsi stand out?

They each have a unique story, and a unique personality. They stick to their core values, and elaborate a story based on those. Coca-Cola focuses heavily on family and tradition, while Pepsi goes for young and trendy people.

Why do these businesses make so much out of their brands?

Because in today’s day and age, with so many products swarming the market, many even made in the same factories, using the same principles, there’s a homogenization of products and services. In order to avoid falling into the category of “just another brand”, steps are taken to make clients identify with the brand.

Something unique is needed.

If that uniqueness can’t come from the product (as the differences are often too small to notice), it must come from somewhere else. That could be the service offered, it could be the brand image, and it could be the brand story.


Increase brand loyalty with a unique brand story

Developing a unique brand story will significantly increase your chances of hitting home-run with your clients, making them loyal. In other words friends of your brand. Do make sure to deal with negative experiences though. A happy client is more likely to be a loyal client. A happy client that feels a connection with the brand, even more so.

How to develop your unique brand story? We’ll have a look at that in how to increase brand loyalty with a unique brand story part 2.

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