5 reasons why you should never have a blog (or a Facebook page)

A company blog is good!
That’s what everyone is saying these days. It lets you connect with your customers, it lets the customers follow your company and give you feedback, and it’s a great way to give announcements, news etc.

All well and good. But sometimes it’s better not to have that blog.

Here are the signs


1. Your last blog post was in 2007

I’m sure you’ve seen them – the business websites with a tab named blog or news. Click it and you see a post about some great and interesting news. You read through it eagerly, when things start to feel familiar. Then you see the post date – 5 years ago. This very useful advice is already obsolete, and has done nothing more than waste your time. You close the page.

As a business owner, you have a lot to fill your day with. Oftentimes, that does not leave much time for blogging, which is fine. In the end, the most important part of your business is achieving the money to pay your bills.

If you can find no time to blog though, it might be better just to leave it. A blog with no posts, or just old posts, serves only to irritate people, which is what you really don’t want to do.

If you still insist on keeping the blog on your site, at least remove the post date (or possibly just the year) and keep the information timeless. Blogging about how to do some DYI gardening project will never be obsolete – writing about how the long anticipated iPhone 3G is finally being released will.


2. Comments from clients are left unanswered

A blog is a great way for your clients to contact you, and leave their feedback. This is great, and gives you a way to interact with them first hand.

Worse is when clients leave comments about how disappointed they are with your products, how they can never reach you, or just ask questions – and you never answer.

One thing is that it makes the clients think you don’t care about them, which is bad.

Another thing is that it makes everyone else reading those comments think you don’t care about your clients, which is really bad, and could easily lead to quite a bit of lost business.

Clients complaining is in general not a problem, as long as the complaints are dealt with – and swiftly. The client who complained and got the complaint resolved, is actually more likely to be loyal to your brand than the one who never complained in the first place.

If you decide to keep a blog on your site, be sure to keep an eye on the comments as well. If not, at least make sure no comments are published without you approving them.


3. Your blog is more about your lunch than your business

Sharing of yourself personally with your readers is all well and good – up to a point. The people reading the blog you have put on your company’s website, are there to read about your company and related subjects. At least that’s what they should be there for, if it is to benefit your business.

Keep the obscene jokes, funny-embarrassing pictures and the post about what that oriental restaurant did to your digestion to your personal blog, and keep the company blog business related.


4. The only news you can think of is the new coffee machine in the office

Some industries are full of innovations, and there’s always something new to test and write about – think technology businesses for example. There’s always a new solution coming out.

Other industries are tougher. Coming up with news and interesting posts about window cleaning for example, is tougher. Not impossible, but harder.

Some of us are extremely creative, others are not. There’s nothing wrong with that. We are all different. But if blogging is not your thing, you just might be better served focusing on your core areas of business.

If you still want to blog, some good tips for finding topics can be found here.


5. You’re neglecting your clients on account of your blog

A small business owner has a million things to do, and mails and calls could easily be postponed.

The more emerged you are in whatever you’re doing the easier it is.

Be very careful not to allow your researching and writing blog posts to affect your relationship with your clients negatively – after all, they are the ones paying your bills.

Your blog is there to help increase your business, it’s not a goal in itself.

That’s what I think. What are your thoughts on the subject?

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